NAME:     Jocelino Rodrigues & Ivo Fonseca

NATIONALITY:     Portugal

BASED IN:     Portugal & UK




Have you ever imagined a world where commonplace interstellar travel is possible? What would that mean for human relationships? How would the conception of lunar settlements affect our romantic attachments? Would it differ from the patterns of contemporary life on Earth? Would it bring us together or push us apart? Our proposal for the Moon Gallery project presents this thought experiment through aesthetic and sonic media. Vôo Sem Retorno (one-way flight) is an original song accompanied by an animated music video that explores the common challenges that long-distance relationships face nowadays by following the lifespan of the protagonist couple. From the physical separation and miscommunication, to the worry and longing – many of us have experienced such ups and downs. Humour the following: would you and your long-distance partner pack up and go, for the opportunity to stay on the Moon away from everyone and everything that otherwise would stand between you? This work not only questions our current conceptions of long-distance relationships, romance, obligations and separations, but also how they may be experienced differently if given the option to escape it all. The video and original soundtrack for Vôo Sem Retorno can be retrieved through the QR code on the cube. Although at first it may seem like just a static image, the scannable square acts as a wormhole to new dimensions of visuals and sound. In accessing the music video, you also access the collaboration of musical and artistic work from an international network of contributors credited below. While the original song is in Portuguese, the cube’s artwork includes translations of the song’s title in various languages – and the video correspondingly includes subtitled translations of the lyrics to contribute to the goal of international representation on the Moon. Both the song and the video employed act as a fingerprint of the songwriter’s contemporary vision – from the way we compose, speak, sing, and represent our values and our art. The video was created in an animated format as if through the eyes of a child – a child who dreams of travelling to the Moon. In the initial scene of Vôo Sem Retorno, we see the protagonists on the lunar surface as children, but this imagery fades away as if a product of the character’s imagination. However, what once would be considered a child’s far-fetched daydream may soon become a reality, as the same two characters are seen living the rest of their elderly days together on the Moon. The central image of the cube depicts the aforementioned scene where the now-elderly couple is looking back at Earth. This image – existential in nature – is the last frame of the music video and is key to the concept of this work as a whole. Should Vôo Sem Retorno be featured on the surface of the Moon, it will serve as a reminder to future lunar inhabitants to gaze back at the Earth so as to not forget where we came from and where we find ourselves now. Reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel "If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth," this image prompts said inhabitants to not estrange themselves from the memory of their home planet – even after orchestrating their romantic escape..